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Here are some School memories Quotes that will remind your days with your best friends. And you will definitely going to enjoy these Quotes on school memories

School days are really one of the best parts of our life, that we spend with our Best friends. Everyone wants to go back and love to remind those days. All of us remind and enjoys the best days of our life. Here are some School memories Quotes that will remind your days with your best friends. And you will definitely going to enjoy these Quotes on school memories.

You might often get heard this phrase that Our childhood becomes the best part of our whole life but why? It is only because of our School and school becomes best due to our memories. Memories are the ultimate truth and the best thing in humans life.

One Lunch BOX, Many Hands As a Backbencher I miss Those School days

School may be hard, annoying and irritating but admit it. You are going to miss when it ends

The Best part of schooling is that..we all hate it for no reason then and we all love it for millions of reasons now

School ka wo Bag Fir se thama De na maa Ye Zindagi ka bojh uthana muskil hai

School was to me what Hogwarts was to Harry

School memories quotes

We went in our school Crying-Crying We left our school Crying-Crying

Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class & enjoy with friends, because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do

Dr Abdul kalam

The red circles in classroom notebooks were better than these blue ticks without a reply, At least I knew where I made a mistake.

Schools are just like Factories, making you for someone else’s use

A part of life where you will get gifted with a bunch of CHUNKS with your same mental disorder who stays with you forever

I got to a school where the students are higher than the grades :(

Dear School, I am Sorry I realized that I loved you only after you left

During School days me – I don’t have bad handwriting I have my own font 🙂

Science says that sharing food with others may cause infection But school boxes tells a completely different tale.

One of the best school memories Counting students in each row to see which paragraph you have to readout

School is not about studies It was always about Loyal Friends

We don’t remember days we always moments.

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Awesome moments and crazy friends makes our memories and schooling best.

We can never forget the school memories in your life

School days are emotions where true hearts joins and follows each other

The best School bunking option was to go for toilet and visiting whole school

School + Crazy Friends = Awesome Day

I wished to go back in school days and bunk the class again with crazy group

School uniform, School bench, School teacher, School friends. School memories are still the best one!

Memories of schools last for a long time

Me and my school was a goldmine for me

All school memories are tie-up with Class Room, Friends, and First Crush!

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